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    Mattresses on our beds


    I am not a landlord, but i hope that someone will be able to help me. We moved into a furnished flat about two months ago. When we went to view the property, we told the agent that we want new beds, as the mattresses on the beds are worn out and 10 years old! I have a really bad back, and have to sleep on a firm mattress. Our oven door is also broken and the couch in the lounge comes out of Noah's ark. It is a flat for 4 people, but there was only one 2 seater couch. After a month, we received two chairs. The oven door is still broken.

    We have asked the management company about the beds, and eventually, after two months, they said that the landlord is not prepared to buy new beds. I have to drink pain killers everyday! When i phoned the company to tell them that i am going to buy a new bed and that they should come and take the old bed, they said i am not allowed to do that. I have to sleep on the floor now, because we can't do anything about the bed. Why advertise the place as furnished, when it is in such a bad state. The plates and cups in the kitchen is the cheapest stuff, and it is chipped everywhere. And we pay alot for the place. What can we do? Can we take action against the landlord? I am in a lot of pain.... Please give me some advice??

    we told the agent that we want new beds
    Did the agent agree to provide new beds or just tell you that he would ask the landord?

    the mattresses on the beds are worn out and 10 years old!
    If they are worn out the landlord must replace them. However, your view of "worn out" and his may be different and if you cannot agree then only a court can decide.

    I have a really bad back, and have to sleep on a firm mattress.
    Isn't the landlords problem, If you need a particular mattress becuase of your back the landlord is not obliged to provide it, he only has to provide a mattress that is not in disrepair and meets the fire safety regulations.

    Our oven door is also broken
    Write to the agent and tell him you are not prepared to wait. Tell him he has 7 days to fix it otherwise you will pay to fix it and deduct the cost from the rent. Get three quotes for fixing it and if the agent doesn't sort it out within 7 days get the work done by whoever was least expensive, send copies of the quotes and the bill to the agent and deduct the cost from your rent payment.

    couch in the lounge comes out of Noah's ark.
    Check down the back for elephants, they are lumpy and won't help your back. Seriously, check if it has a label saying it complies with the relevant fire regulations. If it does then if it is not in disrepair its age isn't relevant. If it does not then tell the agent and ask him to change it. If he doesn't contact your local environmental health officer.
    NOTE: Steven Palmer BSc (Hons) MRICS MBEng is an official LandlordZONE Topic Expert and a Director of Davisons Palmer Lim Any advice given by Steven in this Forum is of a general nature only and should not be acted upon without first obtaining advice specific to your problem/situation from a professional.


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