HELP I've double Yale locked myself out!

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    HELP I've double Yale locked myself out!

    What can I do? I closed the door behind me without the key and now I can't open it to get back in.

    I think it's double locked itself which I think should only be able to be done from the inside.

    When I turn the key, it turns, then goes clunk and won't open.

    I can't get in through the back as it's bolted.

    It's a Yale lock and it's new.

    Any ideas?

    ps it's not my home, it's a rented property I'm trying to refurbish.

    Have you tried threading an old credit card into the door jam to push the throw back?


      I can't because the door frame is in the way


        Try BG. You may have to bend the card a little before you start.

        See here:


          Just seen a youtube demo, but will it work on a deadlock?


            I don't see how it could be deadlocked unless Axeboy snuck in and did it.


              Call a locksmith.
              I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                Quite simply, you need to either find someone that can open/break the lock, or find another point of entry and force your way in there.

                Pick the cheapest option.
                Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


                  Actually Axeboy could be quite handy now!

                  Here's Johnny

                  Sorry couldn't resist, hope you get in.


                    I don't know how it deadlocked itself. And would you believe it, Axeboy walked past me as I was sitting in the car wondering what to do!


                      I'd use the axe myself but it's locked in the house


                        Why do you think it's deadlocked itself BG?


                          Originally posted by Berlingogirl View Post
                          I think it's double locked itself which I think should only be able to be done from the inside.
                          Are you sure? You can certainly double-lock a Yale from the outside (if it's a deadlock type).

                          If you're convinced it's broken or there's no other way in, then just taking a power drill to it is probably the cheapest option.


                            I'm in!

                            I went round to my friends' house. They have a yale lock. I tried to open their door with a credit card. That definitely won't work, unless the door is very thin. The card wouldn't go round the door far enough to dislodge the 'tongue'.

                            My friend's husband said he'd come round and have a look. He put the key in the lock and with a bit of a wiggling of the door got it open. The back plate of the lock (with the 'tongue' in) was a little bit loose, and the bit in the door frame (with the 'mouth' in)was also a little bit loose. Not loose enough for me to have noticed but loose enough so that the tongue could not come out of the mouth without a bit of a wiggle of the door.

                            He tightened the tongue bit and the mouth bit and now the door opens and closes properly.

                            However I do need a new back bit with the tongue in because the key just goes round and round. I have to hold it in the correct position to open the door. But at least I can open it now.


                            Thanks everyone.


                              I'm still confused. I thought you'd locked the key inside. Have you a spare?


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