First time landlady - Any tips for wording advert to attract interest?

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    First time landlady - Any tips for wording advert to attract interest?

    Hi! I've very recently purchased a property as a buy-to-let (I was planning to live in it originally but delays with the sale meant I ended up moving in with my partner. I decided to purchase the flat anyway as an investment and to rent it out privately). So I'm very new at this so please bear with me. Sale only came through last Friday!

    While I'm sorting out certificates, agreements, forms etc I want to get the ad out there ASAP. I'm planning to use an online letting agent to get the ad on Rightmove etc but I have also put together a 1 page ad for the flat.

    I'd really appreciate feedback on it from other more experienced landlords. What does it do well? What doesn't it do well? What could be improved?

    Any feedback at all would be massively helpful!

    It looks a good page and very interesting... However, if it were me, I would let the pictures do the talking and have them at the top, after all it is a lovely property.

    Other than that, it's all well and good designing such a page, but you really need to get it out there. Will you be using a company to list your property on rightmove?
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      Thanks! So shall I move the whole block of pictures higher up? Easily done...

      Yep, planning to use upad and then my own network of friends and clubs etc to spread the word. I might also try local newsagents and newspapers (but does anyone use anything other than the web to find properties these days??)

      Many thanks!


        Nice place, I have no trouble getting tenants by advertising on Gumtree which is free. Will you manage it yourself?


          I'm planning to manage it myself, yes. Or at least give it a go. If it's proving to be too much I will opt for proffessional services. Still so much to learn!


            Your photo andother pics have been altered, and are too thin.

            see website then put in address bar :-
            as examples.

            Also, as it's the first floor, you are going to get MUCH hassle from
            downstairs, with all the noise from the laminate / wood floor.

            Does your lease state you must carpet the floors ?
            Do you have to get permision to let ?

            If this is your first time letting, do not do it yourself. Give it to an agent.
            Or at least a finder only, that will give you a semi-decent A.S.T.
            ( Assured short term Tenancy agreement )



              Looks great, I suspect a keyboard slip on the word motorway (motorwary)


                Hi Ram

                Thanks for your message. I can't spot any difference between the pictures in the address bar and on the page itself? Can I ask what browser/device you are using?

                To answer your questions. Property is a buy-to-let so no permission necessary and the long lease does not state that floors should be covered.

                I do realise it will be a difficult road managing it myself and I may make mistakes and bang my head against the wall many times but I'm a reasonably organised person (I also run my own company) so I want to give it a go myself. I may well come back on here in a few months and tell you all what a big mistake that was! But got to try!

                Many thanks


                  It looks very nice and the ad is professional.

                  I cannot explain why, but I would be wary of putting my own photo in an advert for a rental property - what do others think?
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                    Originally posted by hairycoo View Post
                    Hi Ram

                    Thanks for your message. I can't spot any difference between the pictures
                    IE 8 is thin pics, but firefox pics are normal. I use IE 8 most of the time.
                    It's only your site that has squashed pictures, no one elses.

                    I check my own web pages at different settings and on different
                    browsers, - just in case one has a problem, which is usualy
                    netscape !


                      Agree with the point about pictures, there is no point so I would remove.


                        I was unsure about the photo as well but my reasoning was to humanise the ad and make it different from all the other ones. Also to show people I'm not a dodgy landlady (hopefully I haven't got a dodgy face ;-)). But if you all feel it's pointless and weird, then I'd better remove it.


                          Originally posted by hairycoo View Post
                          I was unsure about the photo.
                          Your add will attract tenants without your photo.
                          Photos are all too easy to copy ( right click mouse, and copy )

                          One point., You said It's a BTL so does not need permission to
                          No, it's what your lease states, not what a mortgage company says.

                          Happy letting.


                            If someone doesn't like spikey hair you may lose a viewing, If some insecure bloke who doesn't think much of young ladies sees your picture you may lose a viewing etc etc etc.


                              New landlady questions - Preparing for when prospective tenants say YES

                              I put the ad up yesterday and now have 6 inquiries with 2 firmly booked in for a viewing. I'm still getting up to speed with the whole process and reading threads here on LZ and I'll admit I'm feeling ill prepared. So I've made a list of steps to take. Could anyone offer any input on it?

                              First, make sure I have copies of application form, holding deposit agreement and standing order form ready.

                              If prospects say "I'll take it" I'll ask for a holding deposit (cash or bank transfer?), have them sign the holding deposit agreement and hand them the blank application form. They need to return this ASAP so that referencing can start (I'm going to use Tenant Verify).

                              If my understanding is right, the holding deposit ensures that I won't accept other offers for 7 days for example. Am I right in thinking that all the referencing and checks must be carried out during this timeframe so that when the deadline is up I have the AST ready to be signed?

                              At what point is the AST signed? On move-in day? Before, when holding deposit time expires? I'm not sure how all these events should fit on the timeline so that it's fair for both landlord and tenant.

                              Many thanks!


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