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    I've made it clear I want to settle and have asked repeatedly for us to do so without unpleasantness. To clarify, I am now in England and so was the tenancy.

    I point blank refuse to meet him in person.


      That means you're working on the E&W rules.

      Has this landlord accepted the keys back from you?, is he re-advertising the place again?

      I'm trying to work out if he has accepted a surrender by operation of law.
      I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


        He's out of the country at the moment so (without asking him) I placed the keys in the letter box as I know he has access to it and that it was a safe and secure place. He had a go at me for this and wanted me to hand them to some person who he sent to bother me at work. Even if he had have asked, I wouldn't have felt comfortable doing that.

        The place has yet to be put back up for rent, to my knowledge.


          Since I've paid him what we agreed, I haven't heard from him. It's quite odd.

          He was online earlier and always usually replies within 10 minutes. I'm really not sure where to go from here.


            Originally posted by AnonIE View Post
            "...Or I will take matters further, and prosecute you for breech of contract."
            If that was a verbatim quote you could take issue with his English. That should have been 'breach'. You could explain that 'breech' relates to buttocks, the orientation of a fetus during birth, a form of trousers, or a part of a pulley block or firearm.

            From a diplomacy point of view, though, this wouldn't necessarily help.
            There is a fine line between irony and stupidity. If I say something absurd please assume that I am being facetious.


              The LL is not threatening prosecution but a claim in the civil court. Prosecution is for criminal offences.


                Apologies Westminster, I was just using the words he used in his emails...along with his assertion that the Police would come to my place of work regarding this :S

                He doesn't understand the difference between Civil or Criminal either.


                  Quick question:

                  When does a tenant cease to be occupying the property. I wasn't made aware till too late that my LL would send someone at work to collect the keys so I put them in a letter box knowing he would have access to it after he returned from holiday. Does that mean I still technically occupy the property?


                    Any advice? ._.


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                      Thank you Lawcruncher.

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                      But if you had a valid certificate when the tenancy started but failed to give it to the tenant, then I believe that providing them with a current certificate before serving S21 will be OK....
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                      There are a number (of the order of 20) of grounds under which possession can be sought. See the Housing Act 1988.

                      The claim is for the period for which they were paying rent whilst there was no required licence in place, up to a maximum of 12 months. Getting a licence ends...
                      16-01-2022, 19:32 PM
                    • Reply to No Tenancy agreement
                      by MdeB
                      That depends on when the tenancy started.

                      Or, possibly, the one in place when it is given to the tenant. The regulations are ambiguous...
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                      4. Antisocial behaviour…..a fair and consistent approach to everyone. No. 4 is then not mentioned in the extended information (click link). Surely this needs explaining in detail or, maybe, they haven’t actually thought further that the nine words used. No surprise.
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