letting agent not paying rent

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  • Beeber
    I've googled that and found the following link for you from a tenant who can't get his deposit returned from this agency.


    If the company is a limited company, you can download the company information from the webcheck service of the companies house website to at least see if they are submitting accounts on time, have more information about how long it has been running, get the company directors name and address, for example.

    Might be worth contacting the Trading Standards department of the local council.

    You might want to consider approaching the tenant and getting them to pay you directly and seek legal advice about how you can get the owed rent from the letting agent for their breach of contract.

    Despite the fact that the letting agency has the deposit, if a letting agent absconds or the business dissolves, it is the landlord's responsibility to refund the outstanding deposit to the tenant. If the letting agent belongs to a regulatory body, then report them to it.

    Here is some information about how to choose agents that belong to professional bodies that have code of conducts, protection of client funds and so on.


    Though you've indicated that the contract may have an ambiguous term that permits the agency to retain the deposit, it is unlikely to be enforceable or valid if it breaches the law which takes precedence. What is the exact term in the contract this refers to and is the agent citing the reason why they will not return tenant's deposits when instructed to by the landlord?

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  • a landlady
    started a topic letting agent not paying rent

    letting agent not paying rent

    has anyone been involved with a letting agent called findmeaflat.com? they have not forwarded my tenants rent payments and have held onto tennants deposit through ambigious print in business terms, I belive they have done this to other landlords.

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