Problem Tenant: Advice please landlords..

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  • Problem Tenant: Advice please landlords..

    Hi, Wonder if some of you experienced landlords out there can advise what to do.

    I have a tenant, (my first ever) coming to the end of contract 14th April. He has never paid rent on time and I have had to doorstep him demending payment 3 time out of the 5 so far demending payment. Today he emailed stating a workman who attended the garage at the protperty yesterday had stolen £500 woth of kitchen knive's which we're "in the garage". Which had been unsecure since suffering storm damage and was being repaired. He state because of this he is "not paying" his last months rent and I can deduct it from his bond. I know he is doing this to make sure he gets his bond back which I have already agreed to personally cover after my letting agent he signed with went bust. (Big up to Hanson Properties of Atherton).

    I have already served a section 21 at the 2 months to go stage and need to know what actions I can take to make sure he; 1/ pays up, and 2/ gets out of my property on the day his contract ends on 14th April.

    Any help would be appreciated....

    I have of course established over the first 6 months of being a landlord that in the eyes of the law we appear to rate along with serial killers and terrorists, but hey??

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    The answer to both your questions Rent-a-Ghost is THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO to ensure either!!! Ridiculous but true!

    Best you can do if he doesn't vacate on April 14th is to claim for possession through the courts. This will cost you time and money and potentially more unpaid rent! Sorry to be the one to break this news to you but did ask....

    Best of Luck mate!

    Kind Regards



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      Re the alleged theft of knives, maybe you should tell him you will not take that seriously unless he proves to you that he has reported the theft to the police.


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        & why would they be in the bloody garage? & costing £500 were they made of solid gold? If he knew the garage was not secure why would he 'chance' leaving such valuable items in there??? & let me guess - the rent just happens to be £500pcm????

        I rest my case u honour!



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          His name isn't Norman Bates by any chance? (Psycho)


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