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  • Upkeep of flat

    Would appreciate your help on something;

    Tenant has been in a flat for a while 3/4 years and about 9 months ago, they wanted to paint it and put down new carpets / vinyl - he did not ask us to pay for it, from our point of view, he was keeping the flat in the standard he found it.

    We said "we are happy for you to spend money to redocorate / replace flooring as long as work is of good quality and use neutral wall colours with good quality paint".

    Was this wrong - should we pay for the work carried out?

    The fact that the tenant paid for it - does this entitle them to anything further legally?

    Much appreciated if you can help.

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    Originally posted by zebra
    he was keeping the flat in the standard he found it.
    Just in case you didn't know, a tenant doesn't have to redecorate to leave the property in the exact same state as when he moved in. You have to allow for fair wear and tear (used carpets, walls getting dirty, wear on surfaces etc.).

    All they have to do is repair any damage that can't be due to wear and tear.


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      Thanks for that but can anyone answer my specific questions.


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        If the tenant wishes to improve the property to their taste, this is their choice. There is nothing wrong in your agreement for them to do so. You don't have to pay for it unless you have agreed to do so beforehand. To the extent that the improvements become part of the property, they have no right to it and they are not legally entitled to anything in return.

        It would be sensible to confirm in writing from them that they will leave behind all the new additions to the property.

        Private advice is available for a fee by sending a private message.


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          Thanks for the reply jp....
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          Makes sense - if the tenancy agreement doesn't say you have to let him and a surveyor in, his only right of access is with 24 hours written notice for the purpose of viewing the "condition and state of repair" of the property.

          So you can simply decline or make your point.
          21-07-2017, 18:23 PM
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