Selling property with tenant on periodic tenancy

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    You don't have to do anything, the new landlord does. Of course, with a T in situ your buyer won't be able to get a residential mortgage, so that may rather limit your market.

    I would have thought the cost of evicting to be worthwhile.


      No need to start another thread for this as it is relevant to your previous one. However, I am sure mods will pick up and move in due course.

      You will be limiting your market to investment buyers, and they want a cheap purchase for best return, so you will also be limiting the price/offers you will get. The new LL will be bound by the existing agreement for the tenant and have to honour it - some like to choose and vet their own tenant, so you are also limiting your market here too.

      No-one will be able to exchange on purchase with a residential mortgage unless you can confirm vacant possession, so it will deter owner-occupiers.

      Your tenant can also obstruct viewings, make the place less than presentable - dirty dishes in the sink, last nights curry smells and unhoovered carpets - not a good look for someone viewing to buy is it? They can tell viewers anything they like - the place is horrible to live in, damp, noisy neighbours etc, and paint a very bad picture of your property if they so choose. Do you think this tenant is going to do you any favours??

      Depends on how much you want for the place and how quick you need to sell, but trying to market with a tenant in place is never easy ...

      Why are you so reluctant to go for eviction?


        I suppose I was looking at all options available to me I also hate the fact she is forcing me to evict her, she has brought out the very worst in me!!! You have given me a lot of food for thought though and I think you are right its going to be better to sell when she is out, one last question; can I get all my cost back for the eviction/bailiffs?


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            Originally posted by tinks View Post
            one last question; can I get all my cost back for the eviction/bailiffs?
            You "can".
            Will you? Who knows.
            Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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            • Reply to Previous tenant paid last gas bill based on wrong estimated reading by gas company
              by jpucng62
              I think the company has an obligation to get an actual meter reading at least every 2 years - during covid they accepted photos in place of sending in a meter reader - you could try getting them to accept at least some of the blame.
              20-01-2022, 15:25 PM
            • Reply to Tenant would like loft conversion - dilemma
              by Hudson01
              To agree with the above comments, i would not do it. If your tenant came along with a whole load of other builders quoting for the same job then what are the chances you would pick him as being the very best bet ? Just because his is your tenant does not make him the ideal choice..... if anything it...
              20-01-2022, 15:24 PM
            • Reply to Greetings, I Come in Peace
              by jpucng62
              Also consider the date of the EPC - the assessment has change a lot since they came in 10 years ago and and old assessment may be out by quite a lot of points or may have had work done that is not reflected in the EPC.

              I had a house lose 10 points in 10 years without anything else chan...
              20-01-2022, 15:22 PM
            • Reply to Greetings, I Come in Peace
              by jpucng62
              Some upgrades are easy - LED light bulbs, loft insulation; others much more tricky - floor insulation; party wall insulation; some are just very expensive - external wall insulation.

              The EPC assessment is not fit for purpose so it is really tricky to know what to do. What I wouldn't do...
              20-01-2022, 15:20 PM
            • Section 21 superseded new Section 21 - Landlord Vs Tenant 1 Vs Tenant 2
              by propster717
              Hi all,

              I would be grateful for any advice:

              I'm a landlord as follows:

              AST - commenced 12/04/2021
              6 month fixed term, now contractual periodic (has not been renewed).
              Tenant 1
              Tenant 2
              (No children)
              Guarantor (relation of Tenant 1)...
              20-01-2022, 15:12 PM
            • Reply to Ending of a tenancy
              by Jon66
              I don't want to rain on everyone's parade, but I do not wait for tenants to move out before marketing the property, and I sign the new tenancy agreement providing the current tenant has not attempted to rescind the notice/everything seems to point to them leaving, when they said they would. A 6 week...
              20-01-2022, 15:07 PM
            • Reply to Greetings, I Come in Peace
              by jpucng62
              The last 20 years may have been the 'golden years' for BTL. There is more regulation & higher taxation on BTLs; mortgage costs are going up; tenants are getting more rights & EPC C is coming.

              The stock market is the place to go instead - £20k per year in an ISA means all tax is...
              20-01-2022, 15:07 PM
            • Reply to N244 Application Notice Q10 Evidence
              by rapid111111
              Thanks for the reply. This is a different case.
              The defendants are asking to set aside. Any paperwork sent to me has come from the courts only and not them.

              I've provided the defendants and the court with paperwork in preparation for the hearing to set aside....
              20-01-2022, 15:03 PM
            • Reply to Greetings, I Come in Peace
              by davetg
              I still can't think of a better thing to invest in even given all the new regulations. The lessons i have learnt are:-
              1) Never let to people on benefits.
              2) Don't over leverage your borrowing.
              3) Have access to spare funds for unexpected things like a new boiler being required or...
              20-01-2022, 15:00 PM
            • Reply to Possession hearing
              by davetg
              The two I have done were quite informal - the tenants didn't show up so I had to wait quite a while as they give every opportunity for them to arrive late.

              I was shown into a room with the judge sitting at a big table and offered a seat on the other side of the table. The judge looked at...
              20-01-2022, 14:49 PM