protected tenancy is it now an assured tenancy?

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  • protected tenancy is it now an assured tenancy?

    Hi this is my first visit to the site so hopefully my ? won't be too garbled.We bought(which we hadn't viewed) a property which was let out on a protected tenancy by the occupier who inherited it from his mother.The proprty was being managed by an estate agent who we kept on as we had no intention of removing the tenant.The tenant has recently died and the estate agent requested change of tenancy to his wife who had lived there for 24 yrs we said yes.
    We have since found out that the estate agent hadn't visited for 2 yrs and a gas certificate has not been issued so have given him notice,we cant get any paperwork from him.Am i right in assuming the present tenant would be on an assured tenancy as she was the second successor if so does anyone know where i can download a contract as have only dealt with assured shorthold tenancies before.Thanx

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