Tenant out of AST and not paying. Advise please.

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  • Tenant out of AST and not paying. Advise please.

    I have a problem tenant that is out of a AST, she was given notice by the managing agent via recorded delivery/registered post and they are now saying that they have received this back, some month and a half after it was issued, since the tenant refused to sign for it. So written notice has once again been issued but only recently.

    The tenant is not paying and the managing agent has told me that the tenant is saying that she will move out in the next week or two, she has also been promising to pay for the past 2 to 3 months. I have been advised by the managing agent that if the tenant moves out of her own volition then there is nothing we can really do to reclaim the lost rental money aside from taking her to court personally since the S21 will be null and void.

    What options are available to me to:

    1. reclaim the lost rental income
    2. get my property back so I can re-let it

    Also, Is there anyway this can be put against here credit file like a CCJ since it is not fair on other landlords that this person may be able to pass a credit check and rent other property and do the same thing again.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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