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    I have just purchased a by-to-let and interested in letting it to a DSS tenant. However I want to make sure I receive the rent from the council - not the tenant. Could anyone advise me as to whom do I make contact with (and if there is such a think altogether)?
    The 3 bed flat is in Edgware, Middx.
    I will appreciate any help and guidance

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    You need to find a tenant first and then only the tenant can apply if he/she qualifies for Housing Benefit. If the tenant has made fraudulant claims and the benefit has been paid direct to you, the DSS may try to reclaim it from you.

    Have you checked to see if your local authority or a housing association is taking leases of properties for letting to their tenants? If yes, this would be a lot better for you as the local authority is your tenent and they are responsible for your rents. In particular try PCHA (Paddington Churches Housing association). Look up their websites for full details.

    Private advice is available for a fee by sending a private message.


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      dear Ramnik
      thanks for the advice. it's much appreciated!!!
      any more from anyone else are welcome..


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        Becki, find a tenant then get a pre tenancy determination, that will tell you how much housing benefit they can expect, then, on the HB application, make sure that the tenant and you sign for you to receive HB direct. If the tenant makes a false claim, you are not liable, HB will not claim it back. (Personal experience). If you want more in rent than HB pay, your tenant is responsible. (Your tenant is actually responsible for the full rent, HB is technically paid to the tenant even if it is paid direct to you.)


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          Try Shepherds Bush Housing Association - but beware, Housing Associations often pay way below market rent, regardless of market value. I tried to let a house in Ealing to Shepherds Bush Housing Association and they offered me £900 per month - I was getting £1500 a month - so that counts DSS out of the market altogether!

          Also make sure that the tenant can actually afford the short fall in rent between what HB will pay and what is actually required, as this is often not the case.


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            Question for MrWoof

            Firstly - thanks for your answer. the same to Gailforce.

            MrWoof - You said that from your own experience i will not be liable for the rent money should the DSS make false claims. are you absolutely sure? because gradually learning more about this, i understand that if i get paid through the HB - i can be asked for the money back - but if the rent goes from HB to the DSS tenant and he pays it to me - i am covered?
            could you make this point a bit clearer for me?
            much appreciated


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              Hi Becki.

              See my response to this query on a number of threads (most recently one posted by Zebra)

              Unfortunately, if you are seeking a conclusive answer I don't think there is one. Contact your local borough council and ask them, only then will you have the peace of mind you want.


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                HB is awarded to the tenant on the information given by the tenant. Both the tenant and the landlord have the option of having HB paid directly to the LL but this amounts to a private arrangement, the HB is paid on behalf of the tenant. The only input from the LL is the amount of the rent. If the tenant makes a false claim thats his/her problem. Check with your local HB office then call the next day and speak to a different person, if the answers tally they should be correct, certainly, in my area, this policy was adopted about 12 months ago and the council told me that it was due to a change in the law.


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