Rolling tenancy but does it affect other tenant?

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  • Rolling tenancy but does it affect other tenant?


    My son has lived in his rented house in Leeds for two years with his colleague.

    They have both stayed in the house after finishing uni, the tenancy agreement ended 1st July 2006. My son and his friend did not sign the new agreement for 2006/2007 so I believe they are on a rolling contract.

    My son is taking up employment in another city and needs to move out in April/May.

    As both their names are on one agreement form, could this be a problem?

    The landlord/letting agency has new tenants lined up for 1st July occupancy.

    I don't think the agency/landlord has been totally fair with the lads during their tenancy. The landlord has not fixed plugs/switches etc after repeatedly being asked (one plug socket is hanging off the wall), every time it rains water pours down the kitchen wall - again repeatedly told but nothing happened) and also the letting agency have showed people around the house with no notice being given - my son's girlfriend was staying over at the time and was awoken by people being shown around the house! We don't know how many times this has happened when the lads are out at work. As all their personal possessions including money, bank details, credit cards are left on show, I think this is totally not on!

    Any advice gratefully received.

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    This tenancy type is known as a periodic tenancy and means it can be ended if the tenants give one months notice or the landlord/letting agent gives two months notice and this has to be timed with the rent payment dates. More info here

    A joint tenancy agreement does mean that if one tenant gives notice, they effectively end it for the other tenant unless they can negotiate its renewal.

    The letting agent requires the permission of the tenants to enter the property and they must gain it and provide notice - tenants have quiet enjoyment of the property enshrined in law.

    Make sure the tenants report all repairs in writing to the agency and keep a copy. You can contact the local council - usually environmental health or tenancy relation officer - to report the health and safety breaches. They can inspect the property and make the landlord comply.
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      Here is some info here on how to withold rent to pay for repairs.

      And more background info on the council's obligations to ensure properties are fit for habitation and meet the required standards


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        Thanks for that, I'll give my son a copy of your reply.

        Much appreciated.


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