Help! Mother with terrible tenant - really worried!

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  • Help! Mother with terrible tenant - really worried!


    Really hope someone can help here. Mother has had a lodger in her own homw for past 4 years. He shares kitchen, bathroom etc and pays on a weekly basis.

    Has kept room in terrible condition and is very immature so she served him with 4 weeks notice. He's started to become verbally aggressive and rude. My mother is heading toward a nervous breakdown - she is really in a bad way and I live quite far away. She inspected his room (previously agreed) and got into a bit of an arguement so said he was to leave 2 weeks early (4 days after this meeting) which he refused to do, so she threatened to change locks. I then spoke with her and persuaded her to go back and try and re-establish relationship and agree that he could indeed move out on originally agreed 4 week date. However, he has since decided he is not going to pay any rent for the next 2 weeks (he should have paid it on Friday) as he says he has no guarentee that she wont change the locks. She has now written a letter and had it witnessed and copied which states that she is OK for him to leave in 2 weeks time but if he doesnt pay the rent he should leave immediately. My mother is on her own, in a very bad way mentally and I firmly believe he thinks he can get away with it and is now just bullying her.

    They have no contract and no itinery (I know!! - I'm only learning all this now). Hes smashed a lamp already and despite previously admitting it he's now saying he cant remember it being in the room even though he showed it to her!!

    I'm now going to go and stay for a couple of days. Can I do the following -
    - wait until he leaves and change the locks
    - contact his parents (they live locally) with a letter stating that his stuff will not be touched but that we should agree a time that is mutually suitable for him to collect his stuff ???

    All help really appreciated - I'm so worried about her. Should I get advice from the police? She lives in Scotland if that makes a difference?



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    In England, lodgers have very few rights. Its probably the sam in Scotland; you could ask a local regulated letting agent to check that advice given here holds in Scotland.

    I think your plan is good.

    I would certainly have a word with the police asap; you may like to file complaints about the damage he has already done. Also harrassment is a criminal offence.

    IMO you are justified to change the locks as soon as his is out. Your mother cannot live like that in fear. Tell the police that you intend to change the locks , and ask their advice if things go pear-shaped and you need their support.
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