How does a landlord renew / resign / extend an Assured Shorthold Tenancy?

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    Until you get your book, there is a good newbie landlord thread here:

    which will ensure you have the basics covered atleast.

    Take note of Westminster's comment above about deposit protection, and the need to re-protect if you do sign a renewal with the tenant, depending on which scheme you used.


      Thanks Westminster. I now think I fully understand how to renew the AST if desired. Thank you for pointing out the finer details of what is required.

      Thanks LesleyAnne, I'll definitely give that thread a look. I like the money saving expert site. Thanks also for pointing out the deposit technicality again too. I think the less hassle approach of the periodic tenancy wins the day


        I suggest you speak to the tenants about renewing before you decide to just leave it because it is not worth the hassle. It would take an hour or two out of your time(if they decide to renew) twice a year.
        If that is a lot of work for you, then you are going to regret being a landlord. It will take considerably longer to check out your tenants, and find new ones because they decide to leave and find another property because they want somewhere with a bit more security.
        The tenants may not be mind readers, and know that you are happy for them to stay, but will give them 2 months notice before you go to court to get them removed.

        In regards to the deposits, which company is holding them? As a private landlord, I suspect that it is the "Deposit Protection Service". If so, there is nothing to do if you renew the tenants contract.
        Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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