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    Agree with above.... why do tenants not like fresh air !


      My thought is that there's probably been furniture up against that corner so not allowing adequate air circulation. I had same in an apartment bedroom where bed was pushed up against one corner, moved it away and problem resolved.


        If it's a bedroom, it's probably a bedside table.


          As a tenant I'd like to ask some advice about damp, I'm open to suggestions. We have a couple of patches of damp/black mould. One is around the window in my sons bedroom, the window needs replacing anyway as there is condensation between the layers of double glazing and the seals have gone sufficiently to allow snow to come through! Presumably this will cure the problem in this room.
          The other area is in a bottom corner above the skirting boards (just like the photo on this post. This is in the corner of my teenage daughter's room. Our letting agent has suggested not putting furniture near the external walls. This is impossible as it's the box room and the bed will only fit in the room in that corner, we could turn it 90 degrees but it would still be in that corner.
          We don't dry washing inside, the heating has been on 5.30am-11pm for months, the windows are opened in the morning to get rid of sweaty bed smells but then closed whilst we're out at work. There is no mould anywhere else (like in the kitchen or bathroom where you might expect it).
          I'll have a look for the mould and mildew cleaner mentioned (I've been cleaning with bleach) but I'm not sure what else we can do? Any ideas?
          Also do you think it's a reasonable request to ask for the window to be replaced or repaired? I'd have thought that it would be in the landlords best interest to maintain his property but nearly every landlord I've had has only been interested in spending as little as possible whilst the house crumbles around us!


            Originally posted by Leona View Post
            I'll have a look for the mould and mildew cleaner mentioned (I've been cleaning with bleach) but I'm not sure what else we can do? Any ideas?
            This is what I use for the shower in my own home, ordinary bleach does not work. I buy it in Asda.



              Originally posted by Mrs Mug View Post
              This is what I use for the shower in my own home, ordinary bleach does not work. I buy it in Asda.

              Thanks, helps to know what I'm looking for


                This case may be of interest...

                Pike v Sefton MBC, Court of Appeal

                September 2002

                Condensation arose from tenant’s failure to use heating

                I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                  Question: As a tenant is there a law in the UK that says that I'm obliged to report damp/mould problems to landlord?


                    A LLs obligation for repair is dependant upon being informed of disrepair.
                    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

                    If my posts can be interpreted in two ways, one that makes you feel angry and one that doesn't, I meant the latter.

                    Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


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                      by Luke
                      No, I have changed my mind , I will not be living abroad permanently , I will probably just go abroad for a few weeks at a time and reside at my UK property for the rest of the time...
                      06-07-2022, 00:17 AM
                    • Renting rooms
                      by Luke
                      I have a three bedroom property in the U.K which I will rent out .
                      I have had an enquiry from a couple and a friend
                      I do not intend to live at the property
                      Would it be possible just to rent two rooms to them , on the understanding they have full access to the property ?
                      As its...
                      28-01-2022, 06:09 AM
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                      by DoricPixie
                      You can thank the tenant with a dog I did let to in the past for now being reluctant to let to other people with dogs and probably cats too.

                      The fact your income comes for 100% benefits isn’t a hard no though as long as you are able to pass affordability....
                      05-07-2022, 23:15 PM
                    • Renters reform bill
                      by flyingfreehold
                      i have just read an interesting summary of all that is proposed in the EG (Estates Gazette). As drafted it effectively brings back a form of rent control as tenants will have the right to go to First Tier Tribunal to challenge any rent increases which must be proposed by section 13 notices.
                      04-07-2022, 16:29 PM
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                      by DoricPixie
                      You’re not though are you? You’re getting these people to rent the property because you’ll be living overseas. The property will cease to be your only if main home.

                      Maybe you’ll get away with pretending these people are lodgers and these people will move out the property when you...
                      05-07-2022, 23:09 PM
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                      by Luke
                      I do intend staying in the property permeantely though , although I may have to stay elsewhere sometimes...
                      05-07-2022, 21:42 PM
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                      by royw
                      Sounds like the power has gone to their heads Can't you, or rather the tenants, have some fun? Well placed boobie traps or a fierce dog perhaps?
                      05-07-2022, 21:42 PM
                    • Licensing inspection
                      by Section20z
                      Just had letter from London Borough of ****** saying they will be inspecting my house at some time in the next 28 days to ensure licence compliance. No further notice will be given and tenants are expected to grant access to all areas, windows to be left open for air supply, and doors all left open...
                      05-07-2022, 13:57 PM
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                      by ash72
                      You would be creating an issue for yourself, you want to be able to evict a T (for whatever reason) which do not have the same rights as a T on an AST, the problem would be that you would have 2 T's who would have evidence etc, that you never lived there while they lived there...... When someone is...
                      05-07-2022, 21:23 PM
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                      by Sydaton
                      It crosses my mind that if you install something that doesn't comply with regulations - eg a rope flush against the wall - then you might be more likely to be opening yourself up to a claim than if you'd left the stairs as they were when you bought the house....
                      05-07-2022, 20:22 PM