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  • Section 21 posted - what next ?

    I issued my tenant with an S21 notice now 3 months ago - they are hoping that the council will re-house them but as yet the council have nothing available - What is my next step to recover the property ?

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    You will need to apply to court, most councils will only house on a final possession. Otherwise they deem the tenants to have made themselves intentionally homeless. I am afraid that you need to issue court proceedings against them.


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      How do I go about that -- considering I'm not home a great deal ?


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        You need to contact your local court who will send you the possession papers. this costs £150 to get a court hearing. IF all your documents are correct then you should get possession 10/14 days later, you will then have to apply for a baliff, its at this time the council will rehouse.


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          Thank you - Is it worthwhile getting a solicitor ? as I work away & am seldom at home to deal with this


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            Not really worth it, phone the court to send you the papers, they are very straightforward and come with guidance, fill them in and send them back. If the possession date comes and they are still there, same procedure again for the bailiffs. I've just done this for the first time and found it very easy, if you take the papers to the court they will check them through to make sure you have done them correctly, they won't give legal advice though.


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