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    Boiler problems

    I have been letting my one bedroom flat out for 18 months to a couple with not much problem.

    Last month one of the tenants was made redundant and could only pay 50% of the rent although they said they would make it up the following month.

    The next month the boiler broke down, and I managed to get an engineer to fix it, however it took 6 days as it was extremely difficult to get an engineer out at that time compounded by the fact I was away working overseas during that period.

    The tenants are now retaining the 50% rent (seems rather a coincidence) that they originally owed (i.e. £500) claiming they had to stay in a hotel and eat out for four days. Are they allowed to do this? Whilst I agree I need to ensure the heating and hot water are in good working order, I tried daily - from abroad, however it was very difficult to get an engineer out and I am sure they could have managed with temporary electric heaters in the interim. Would I be unreasonable to think this? There would still be the issue with the hot water however.

    Although I have now initiated break down insurance, which would help especially if I was away again, I need to ensure the boiler is in good working order before it is fully insured. Should it break down again in the meantime are the tenants within their rights to stay in a hotel and then not pay the rent again?

    What are my rights as a landlord? Please could you advise?

    No, you merely have to fix the problem in a reasonable time.

    they are trying it on. Demand payment and if it is not forthcoming then sue for monies owed and serve S21 for good measure.


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