Landlord withholding deposit, not in scheme

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    Landlord withholding deposit, not in scheme

    Moved in 2009, England based just had a big argument at checkout inventory as both landlords said a lot of lies and trying to keep entire deposit.

    They arrived early and let themselves in(is this illegal since contract is over and no more rent due?) then the first thing they said when they asked me if I had finished cleaning and I said I had was "you are having a laugh, you havent even started"

    Place is spotless and I have photos apart from light carpet, the male landlord then noticed a single fingerprint on fridge and said that meant I had not cleaned it, I spent half a day cleaning oven alone and he said it was untouched.

    Meanwhile the female landlord who vanished into other rooms blamed me for plaster that had crumbled from the hallway wall staying it was new despite it having old paint on when I moved in.

    They tried stopping me taking photos too, saying there was no need and they were in rush, then standing in front of me.

    Cleaning wise, all the issue is when I cleaned it and spent a lot of money on products even after many wipe downs if you looked as close as you can you may notice in corners there was minor brown marks that wiping just made them show up.

    Now comes to the inventory, I was given a basic list when I moved in not listing brand of products or age so what are my rights, all the landlord is basing his damage claims on is 4 photos he used in the online advert which do not show any close ups of anything just taken from one corner of each room and missing out both bathrooms, on that he claims that me looking at the pictures I had no argument.

    Finally when I moved in there was a tv at least 10 years old and with cracks in the plastic that broke when I lived there so bought a much better replacement, landlord said he would take money from my deposit for the ancient old tv and to dump the newer tv as he didnt want one, since the inventory listed a tv isnt he in the wrong here.

    What is next course of action?

    The deposit is yours. You are entitled to sue for it's return. The landlord would then be entitled to counterclaim for any damage he could prove to the court. It sounds like he couldn't prove much.

    You may find this useful:


      I forgot to ask, his photos do not have dates on, nor do mine though so if it goes to court how can he prove when they were taken and I have photos of the place spotless bar some specs of dust on carpet but worried that will show it wasnt "spotless"


        You don't really have to prove anything - it will be up to a judge to decide if the landlords evidence is sufficient. Dates on photos mean little - easily changed and easy to get wrong when there taken. The number of photos I have with 01/01/01 as the date


          Have you told the landlord that you know the deposit is not held in a scheme?
          Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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