Periodic tenancy: notice in the middle of rental month

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  • Periodic tenancy: notice in the middle of rental month


    During the periodic tenancy, can I give notice of termination (1 month's notice is required by the contract) in the middle of the rental month? I pay rent on the 1st of every month. Can I give notice on 18th March and vacate the property on 18th April?

    In that case, should the rent be decided on the pro-rata basis?


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    Have you asked your landlord? That's the first step.


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      The notice period on periodic tenancies coincide with when rent is due.

      Periodic tenancies
      If your agreement is periodic (ie. rolling from week to week or month to month), you normally have to give at least four weeks' notice to end it, or a month if you have a monthly tenancy. The notice must be in writing and must end on a day when the rent is due, or the day before. Ask an adviser about the dates if you're in any doubt.

      The only exceptions to this are:

      if your landlord agrees to accept a shorter notice period (see above), or agrees that someone else can take your place (see below)
      if you are an excluded occupier, in which case you only have to give whatever notice is specified in your agreement, or 'reasonable notice', which is usually the same as one rental period (ie. one week, if you pay the rent weekly), or
      if you pay rent less often than monthly. If this is the case, you have to give notice equivalent to a rental period (ie 3 months, if you pay the rent quarterly)


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