Section 21 notice and awful lettings agent!!!!!!!

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    Section 21 notice and awful lettings agent!!!!!!!

    I'm new to this forum and just need some honest advice as it's driving me mad.

    My fiance and I have had issues with our arrogant, lazy lettings agent from day one. We signed up for a 6 month tenancy agreement for a beautiful flat and moved in blinded by the location and decor. After the furniture had been removed it looked a little different, dirty marks on walls and a general lack of upkeep, it just looked tired, so I was on the phone to the lettings agent from Day one. There is a leak in the ceiling that has now had 4 different contractors have a look at it and still nothing has been done, wallpaper is hanging of the ceiling. I'd also asked to be provided paint to freshen the walls up myself, still hasn't been provided, there was a leak under our bath but the lettings agent is so unorganised it was a joke getting that sorted and now there are tiles missing on the bath panel that were due to be replaced, still haven't been done. I have been on the phone to the lettings agent so many times which I don't think is unreasonable considering the amount of rent we're actually paying for the place is it too much to ask for things to be done efficiently? My fiance and I work full time.

    Anyway......Our rent is always paid on time without question, 6 months have passed and we have now been served a section 21 notice for the landlady to gain possession apparently to carry out the repairs as its easier to do so whilst its vacant. I have now discovered that the flat is back on the market being advertised for rent on the date we move out and for more money. Can the lettings agent and landlady do this? Serve a section 21 notice for possession and then put it back on the market for more money, we have done nothing wrong and have paid on time and just wanted some repairs carried out but the letting agent clearly does not want the hassle, i'm concerned that they will try holding some of our deposit monies back because they thought we were a pain. Is there anything I can do to claim compensation in paying for a flat where no repairs have been carried out in a 6 month period. We are on the top floor of an old period building, so leak from the ceiling is from the roof of the block. They also didn't ask if us about a rent increase. Thanks.

    Yes they can - you had a contract for 6 months, once that 6 months is up, there are no guarantees unless you too want to commit to another fixed term - and that would be at the landlords discretion. HOWEVER the section 21 notice does NOT oblige you to leave on expiry. If it is valid, you'd be wise to do so due to potential court costs for staying, but all the s21 notice does is tell you that the landlord can go to court for possession after that date. If the agents have someone wanting to move in but you're still there - that's their problem not yours.


      The LL has no obligation to 'freshen up' paintwork or provide paint for you to do so. The level of disrepair is nowhere near serious enough to contemplate a claim for damages for disrepair; also, the LL may be dependent on the freeholder carrying out repairs to the roof/block. It can sometimes be very difficult to find the source of a minor roof leak; it could be, for example, one cracked tile amongst many, and the water may travel from the point which is leaking so it's not necessarily a simple case of the cracked tile being directly above the ceiling leak below.

      As Snorkerz says, the s.21 notice doesn't oblige you to vacate at notice expiry. If you are in occupation at fixed term expiry, and you haven't signed a new fixed term contract, then a statutory periodic tenancy will automatically arise under s.5 Housing Act 1988, replacing the expired fixed term tenancy. In other words, your tenancy would effectively continue, under the same terms as now (although, when a tenancy is periodic, the LL may serve notice to increase the rent - the T can challenge it, however).


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      • Reply to Is time more important than money?
        by Lawcruncher
        I am not suggesting it is the landlord's fault. I am just saying that, in some cases, if a tenant feels secure he is more likely to take care of a place....
        27-01-2022, 23:02 PM
      • Is time more important than money?
        by jpucng62
        Just had tenants move out of a property after 2 years. Always paid on time, perfectly pleasant young family who have now bought their own home BUT:

        House was grimy - looks like they didn't clean properly in 2 years rather than anything overtly unpleasant
        Garden was left in a mess...
        27-01-2022, 17:20 PM
      • Reply to Tenant not paying and letting agent mismanaged
        by MdeB
        That is because you have to do things properly for S21 to be valid.

        Do everything properly and the S21 is valid.
        Get one thing wrong and it is invalid. There are many things to get right....
        27-01-2022, 22:54 PM
      • Tenant not paying and letting agent mismanaged
        by Beeble
        We rented a flat out with the local branch of a national estate agent. They were charging a very low fee (that should’ve had my alarm bells ringing) and had a tenant immediately available. This was Dec2020/Jan2021 and the tenancy paperwork they sent to me was minimal.

        Tenant moved in...
        25-01-2022, 15:37 PM
      • Reply to Deducting Cleaning Costs from Deposit
        by Lawcruncher
        The requirement comes from the tenancy terms. There are various reasons why a contract term may be void or unenforceable. They include: illegal; impossible; contrary to public policy; statute forbids them to be imposed; unfair. A requirement to keep a dwelling clean and leave it it clean is none of...
        27-01-2022, 22:20 PM
      • Deducting Cleaning Costs from Deposit
        by Piffy
        I use a Letting Agent. Recently the tenants vacated, prior to the tenants leaving when the letting agent did an inspection they advised the tenants that the property would need cleaning before they vacated. The tenants have now left, the place does need a good clean, the Letting Agents have said that...
        27-01-2022, 11:30 AM
      • Reply to Inherited a few rentals
        by AndrewDod
        Almost everything is telling you to sell them - far away, no experience, higher rate taxpayer, current environment
        27-01-2022, 22:04 PM
      • Inherited a few rentals
        by Landlord7289
        Hoping for some advice on this situation from people who may have been through similar...

        I am inheriting 4 rental properties from my late father. Are there any tips or ideas people would share about this situation?

        My situation is I am early 30s in full time employment, live...
        25-01-2022, 15:02 PM
      • Reply to Deducting Cleaning Costs from Deposit
        by DoricPixie

        Why does a tenant need to leave the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness if the property wasn't in a reasonable state of cleanliness at the start of the tenancy? Where does the requirement come from? The deposit protection schemes don't appear to take that approach...
        27-01-2022, 21:11 PM
      • Reply to Tenant has moved partner in.
        by Hudson01
        Totally agree, the classic - still the best. They sound like a nightmare and i would be looking to get rid as soon as i could whilst we still have S21, removing kitchen cupboards !!! In a 2 bed flat...... why the hell would you remove part of a fitted kitchen, what are you going to do with the space....
        27-01-2022, 20:41 PM