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    Originally posted by mariner View Post
    Just get a Registered GasSafe engineer to do a GSC at own expense (~£50) as evidence boiler flue is not compliant. It is not unheard of for BGas fitters to condemn gas installations in the hope of getting the contract for replacement or remedial work.
    This is something that's very straightforward for to check though - the stipulated minimum distances can be found here: and unless the OP's distances are right on the borderline, it's a black-and-white issue as to whether it will pass or fail. I doubt very much that this is how a dodgy gas man would choose to generate work fraudulently - firstly, it's too obvious (anyone can easily check the distances involved), and secondly, there'd be a fair amount of unpleasant and relatively unprofitable work involved in moving the flue. Eg, much esier to comdemn the boiler for something 'unseen' like emissions, and then charge the unsuspecting punter a large wedge for fitting new parts or a new boiler.

    Deduct cost of GSC from next rent and send LL his copy of pass/fail Cert. or absorb cost yourself for peace of mind. Slightly irregular.
    The other issue is that this route will involve another fail certificate and another "do not use" sticker, which this time the tenant will have to remove (illegally) which could muddy the waters... for the landlord to have removed the sticker originally and switched the gas on is very naughty indeed (though as thesaint has pointed out, the boiler won't be immediately dangerous providing that window is kept shut). (That said, of course, the boiler still hasn't been checked in 2 years so who knows what condition it's in)


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