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    Boarded up property!!


    I've searched the site, but can't find anything that directly relates to the problem we have.

    One of our managed properties has been found to be boarded up, and upon investigation it turns out the police raided the flat in an attempt to find the tenants brother who was wanted for breaking police bail (nice guy!). Anyway, the police kicked in the door, dragged the guy out and then boarded the place up. However there is no sign of our original tenant.

    Its been nearly a week now and no sign of the tenant. We have hand delivered a S.8 and s.21 (he's also in arrears) but my boss wants to go into the flat to see if he is still living there. I have told him he can't do that (please say I'm right) but that we should post an abandonment notice and see if he comes back to us.

    Please could someone confirm this is the right course of action.

    Thanks in advance for all your help

    T is presumably invited to live at one of Her Majesty's Institutions long-term.
    Get ax Police statement re circumstances; insurer will want it so as to reclaim cost of repair from Police.
    Ask Police where offender is now held so you can write and ask him to surrender tenancy (or face paying you more rent!)
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      Once the insurers say go ahead and fix door, have a look around while your fixing the door. I doubt there would be much downside, if any.



        Thanks for your quick response! Its actually the brother of the tenant that has been hauled off again - no idea where the actual tenant is, but last year he went AWOL for a couple of weeks and turned out he had been staying care of Her Majesty!

        The police have told us they kicked the door in, but they don't know where the actual tenant is.



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