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    Getting deposit back


    I rented a house through a letting agent, paying a depost of £520 plus advance rent etc.

    20 months go by and the landlord decides he wishes to sell the house (think he is getting divorced).

    2 months notice, I leave house in good condition, inventory guy says better than when I went in!

    Can't get deposit back from letting agent. Now 3 months!

    Letting agent claims they can't get signature from landlord releasing money (which they have). He has verbally said OK to them and me on phone.

    My guess is his head is a mess due to divorce and he has lost interest - I understand where his head might be!

    Letting agent has sent to Dispute Resoulution Service and after two weeks of waiting they have come back and said 'problem is I haven't got a signature'.... Which I knew already!! Not much 'resolution' there!

    Upon questioning DRS looks like they have split into two departments, 1st department filters out easy ones first (but seem a bit weak) 2nd department has a lead time of 8 weeks!

    I cannot believe this is the first time a landlord has gone AWOL.

    Anyone any ideas?



    See my reply on other forum.
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      threaten the fucker with court action. he hasn't got a leg to stand on. first go to the agents and tell them u will take court action against the L/L if he does not return your deposit within 14 days. then serve notice on him (directly, not through agent.)

      u will be fine.


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