N325 - (Request for Warrant for Possession of Land) Declaration confusion

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  • N325 - (Request for Warrant for Possession of Land) Declaration confusion

    Hello all,

    I have looked at quite a few posts before about this issue but still do not feel confident enough to send off the form!

    I am getting the warrant to get possession of the property (I have already followed the previous 'Accelerated Possession' steps and received the 'Order for possession').

    I have filled out Section 4 as follows:

    (A) Balance due at the date of this request: £175.00 (S21 costs)

    (B) Amount for which warrant to issue: £175.00 (S21 costs not paid by tenant as requested in the 'Order for possession')

    Issue fee: £110.00
    Solicitor’s costs: £0.00
    Land Registry fee: £0.00

    TOTAL: £285.00

    In the Declaration, I have signed it and not crossed either of the two statements. My questions are:

    1. There is conflicting advice on whether to fill Section 4, as this is a claim for the property (although the 'Order for possession' did ask the tenants to pay costs). What is the correct procedure please?

    2. In the Declaration, once again, there is conflicting advice for the first statement. The tenant hasn't vacated the land or paid previous costs, so shouldn't I just leave this statement as it is? Some users have talked about crossing out the statement about payments.

    3. In the Declaration, can I completely cross out the second statement? It seems to refer to mortgaged properties. Or should I just leave it as it is please?

    Your replies are gratefully received!

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    (A) Balance due at the date of this request £175
    (B) Amount for which warrant to issue
    Issue fee £110
    Solicitor’s costs
    Land Registry fee
    TOTAL £285

    You'll probably want to cross out the middle section of statement (1) and all of (2)


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      Thank you Snorkerz; have sent the form and will post back when I receive a reply, so folks know whether it worked or not.


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