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    Utility Bill


    I was hoping that somebody could help me.

    I've just finished renting a property, check out was completed by my partner and the letting agent.

    I emailed the estate agent for the metre readings which they recorded on check out to which I was advised that as part of the service they send these straight to the utility company.

    I've just recieved the bill for January and for one month it is the equivalent to 6 months of our normal electric usage.

    The only solution is that the readings were taken down incorrectly (anologue metre) by the letting agent on check out. How would I prove that these are incorrect?

    Any advice is highly appreciated.


    Funnily enough I got the lettings agent to email over the photo of the metres on the day of check out (along with a email confirming they had given the correct readings and the readings they had given) - apparently they can't read a metre correctly and it was quite satisfying emailing them back with the correct method.


      Always do your own readings, and double check any reading the agent writes down.


        I always photograph the meter and then send a copy of the photograph of the reading to the tenant with a cover letter.
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