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    How to report & discuss problems


    I'm a brand new landlord and wanted to know how best I should manage tenant complaints/issues etc.?

    If a tenant has a problem with something that need to be fixed, how do some of you more experienced landlords deal with those queries (phone, email, software etc.)?


    Keep it simple.

    They can write to the address they have for contact / reporting
    faults. Post 10am Monday, arrives about 10am Tuesday.

    A telephone call if it's urgent.

    Emails get lost ( 2 million a day )
    Software, by thatdo you mean a tenant has to have an internet
    connection to report a fault, no not for me.

    A letter is almost guaranteed to arrive, as is a phonecall
    ( You know you have got through when they pick up the phone.)

    You have ONE tenant, you dont need more than 2 methods to
    contact you.



      They either phone or email.
      If they phone then there is automatic acknowledgement because we've had a discussion.
      If they email (usually because they remember at a rediculously late hour) and send it to the wrong address they have to ring because they don't get a response otherwise.

      Never ignore.
      I make it very clear who has the responsibility of the next move (if any). This stops the, I thought you were going to ....., etc.

      I will even back up with a email so there's an audit trail if I feel it may be necessary.


        I don't mind how they contact me (phone, text, email, letter or carrier pigeon), as long as it arrives at a reasonable hour of the day (unless very urgent).
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          All T notifications of problems/requested repair should be notified in First Class letter to address provided in AST, pref T s astray, unless acknowledged by intended recipient
          Do not accept T NTQ unless served by 1st Class mail or by hand.
          Similarly any LL s8 or s21 should be served by 1st class mail, with proof of posting, or ind witness proof of service on property during presumed T


            I think you'll find the vast majority of tenants these days prefer to use text for the initial report of a problem, which works for me - I can respond as appropriate; by text, phone or email. Personally I'm perfectly happy with that; in particular it means that I can be sure of receiving it wherever in the world I happen to be, which is important since I self-manage; it means that every time I'm away from home I don't need to notify my tenants, and then have to find someone to act in my place while I'm on holiday.

            I may be lucky that I've never had tenants who continually pester me unecessarily about trivia, so that aspect has never been a problem for me.

            I do think insisting that they write and post a hard copy letter about a fault these days is a bit twentieth century...


              And keep a extra 2-page a week diary by the phone for a brief note of everything, which gives you a summary, a contemporaneous record, and an index in one place.

              That works when you get onto several properties too.

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