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    Change in HB legislation

    Mother and adult daughter, both claiming housing benefit. Daughter leaves without telling me. First I know about it is when HB to the daughter is stopped. HB say that they made an overpayment on the daughter's behalf and are claiming it back from me. I quoted what I thought were the rules regarding this and they have just sent me a copy of changes to legislation which came into force in April 2006. The text is long and I'll post it if anyone wants it but can anyone tell me if I am liable or not. I had no knowledge of any changes until after the event.

    I would appeal against this stating that as far as you were aware both tenants were in occupation when you received HB for them and it was the remaining tenants responsibility to advise them of the change in circumstances.

    If HB don't back down I would see it through to the Appeals Service stage as I think they would agree that the person who has caused the Overpayment is the remaining tenant by failing to disclose the change of circumstances to HB.

    I would be interested in seeing the change in legislation that HB are refering to.



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