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    We own a property which is let to four students with individual AST's. We bought the property outright in September 2006 and the students were already renting the property. We are now in the process of releasing the equity on the property in order to purchase some more properties. The mortgage company had agreed a buy-to-let mortgage on the property, but they have since found out the tenants have separate tenancy agreements and are not willing to conclude the mortgage unless we get the students to sign up to a single shorthold tenancy agreement where they are jointly and severally liable. They are wanting the Housing Act 1988, Schedule 2, (Grounds for Possession of dwelling-houses let on Assured Tenancies and Part 1- Grounds on which Court must order possession) included in the agreement. Can anybody advise me on how to get a draft copy of this type of tenancy agreement which quotes the correct Acts and Regulations. We are very new to this and would appreciate any advice given.
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