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    Landlord defaults on letting

    Good Morning
    I want to apologise first for my english, i'm actually not a born english person.
    So that the story:
    A week ago i found a flat to rent by an agency, this one not doing the management of the property so the landlord doing it by himself.
    We sign a AST agreement and a contract of 12 month with 6 month break close as usual. The landliord, my 3 friends and i signed all of us the contract, so far everything good.
    Then we moved in the 28th during the day but still have our previous flat s we decide to stay for the last night in the previous one.
    On the 1st of march, we want in the afternnon to our new flat and how surprise we were to find bags and luggage from other tenants!!!!
    We then call straight away the agency (by the way really friendly and helping people) and the landlord to explain us what's going on.
    The agent told us not to let coming in any person and the landlord change the locks of the property.
    Few hours after someone tried to get inside and the agent and landlord stay outside to speak with him.
    Apparently the Landlord ask 2 agencies to market the property. The one we dealt with let named it A and the other one B. So the agencie B offered those tenants to the Landlord who are by the way DSS tenants. He refused the proposition saying that he found someone for the property and ask the agency B to give up about the property. But what it seems to be it's that the agency B passed over and sigh a contract with the DSS tenants.

    To be honest i really worried because i don't no who is the legal tenant in this case and i don't want to leave in the street.

    So my questions are :

    1/ Is an agency can sign for a landlord a contract without his authorisation and even when he clearly refused it?

    2/ In this case we were the first to move in so do we have the priority on the property as tenants?

    3/ And then if it's yes for the 1st one and No for the 2nd and you think that we can be quicked out, do you have any 3 dble bedrooms flat to rent???

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