Letting agent can not find spare key - advice please

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    Originally posted by MrJohnnyB View Post
    For what its worth, I apologise if my comments have caused you any offence.
    We all have our own ways of dealing with lifes problems, and
    we all have our own way of dealing with a specific problem.

    In this sort of none legal matter, the forum gives the instigator a
    range of views, and not all agree, but it gives them other views
    that "may" be a different "slant" with whom a problem may rest,
    or ways to try and complete a task without resorting to legal
    avenues immediately.

    If you had not made the comment ( Removed by the Mod' )
    I would not have replied in the way I did.

    However, you have not caused me any offence, as it's part
    of putting forward suggestions, some of which, people do not
    agree with you and I, and some do.

    No problem, and thank you for your comment above.



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