need advice-mould/damp/leaking roof! freezing cold kitchen!

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    need advice-mould/damp/leaking roof! freezing cold kitchen!

    hi, I am writing to get some advice. my husband, 4 year old daughter and i live in privately rented house. the house has 2 double rooms and a small storage room. The main problem we have is there is a conservatory built onto the kitchen with no doors leading to it, the kitchen is actually as cold as being outside. I have spoke to the estate agents who also questioned the heating as there is no radiator in the kitchen just a silver tall heated towel rack which is not enought for the sixe of the kitchen. Can you inform me if there are any regulations for the minimum inside temp?

    Also we are having a massive issue with condensation, again brought to the attention of the landloard and iv been fobbed off with a leaflet, we try to air the house as much as possible but with it being cold this is an issue. We recieved a gas and electric bill for £529 for 2 months so it is not because the heating is not on.

    During the weekend we went to the storage room to fild mould over everything- we had to throw out 2 suitcases, holdbag, 1 car seat, suits, clothes and shoes. I have took pics as we had to throw it in the dump. I have a feeling there is a leak coming from somewhere as the carpet was also wet and a roof tile fell off. Can you offer any advice on this as we have been told there is nothing that they can do aparty from get someone to check if there is a leak. but we are awaiting a time/date.

    Since we have moved her my daughter has been put on an inhaler now and although she has mimimal damp/mould in her room it is present in the house. we asked to terminate our contract and where advised we couldnt untill april as we have only lived there for 3 months.
    as we are through an estate agent i have all the records for telling them of this problem 2 months ago....
    Thanks in advance for your help,

    ps we have tried to ventilate the house as best we can, but its already cold so it is hard and windows dont have the lock when its slightly open. x

    Speak with your local Envioronmental Health Officer
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


      Originally posted by bellabean View Post
      The main problem we have is there is a conservatory built onto the kitchen with no doors leading to it, the kitchen is actually as cold as being outside. x
      Could you define the layout between kitchen and conservatory? Do you mean it is open plan i.e no walls or doors between kitchen and conservatory, or the conservatory is attached to the kitchen with an access door elsewhere.

      If it is the former open plan, I believe that is against building regulations hopefully someone wiser than I can put me right on this.


        I'd second that Paul.

        If the roof is in disrepair then the LL has to fix it.

        One aspect you are going to have to accept though is this;
        If you rented a poorly insulated, drafty, badly heated property then that's your 'problem'. I assume you inspected the property before renting it. This is not meant to be harsh or imply that LLs can do what they like.

        At the very least learn to ask questions about the heating, running costs, history of damp and condensation, about future properties you see. Also ask to see the EPC certificate.

        As a note for all - conservatories should be separated off from the rest of the house by exterior quality doors. If they are open to the property then they are going tosuck all the heat out of the place. There are exceptions to this but we're talking fractions of a percent of the housing market.

        Be assured that you can't get ill (other than hyperthermia) from being cold.

        ETA: Yes it is 'against' the Building Regs to have a conservatory open to the habitable space (ie heated). However, unless there is an un-signed off submission for the works then no enforcement action is likely. Indeed Building Control will probably not be interested at all.

        Conservatories can be heated but by an independantly controlled circuit of the main heating source or a separate and exclusive system.
        There is always scope for misinterpretation.

        If my posts can be interpreted in two ways, one that makes you feel angry and one that doesn't, I meant the latter.

        Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


          Hi, thanks for your replies...
          It is hard to explain the lay out but here goes;
          the kitchen to the conservatory has no doors however a wall at part of it which has an opening (for design) i will upload images if this helps once i am home.
          When we viewed the property we did ask about how cold it was as that day it did feel cold. the lady showing us around worked for the estate agents but was a friend of the owners who have moved abroad. The woman replied 'its never been cold while i have been in here' and then that it was more likey due to the fact no one was in there for a few weeks.
          I have since got an email from the estate agents with an attached leaflet - how to prevent mould and condensation- this has made me more angry as i have been trying to ventilate the property as much as i can. Then said someone will look at the roof once it is dry. and the landlord advises i get a heater if i find the kitchen cold- which i already have however as stated this heat is just going straight out the conservatory.

          Also we didnt get to see the EPC until we signed then it was handed to us in a folder and it is rated as E. This is something we have now had to learn the hard way. however we will not make this mistake again.

          Thanks for your help and i will attach pics of the kitchen/conservatory ASAP


            Hi I don't know how to attach a picture, I have environmental health coming to look at the house now and once I mentioned this to the estate agents I finally got them to have it looked at. So there is a roof tile missing above the room with the problem but the man who looked at it said it might not be linked to the mould! He thinks the problem is ventilation as the window doesn't open in the storage room. After he investigated he said the vents are there and visable from the outside however the landlord has covered these with a notice board which is nailed and screwed over the vents, surely this is breaking some health and safety rule /law? If he has altered the houses ventilation they why should we be made to pay for all our goods that where damaged as the landlord refused compensation. Also as we went through an estate agent should they not have noticed this? Or is it me that should have noticed it? I have been complaining about the cold of kitchen - different issue and also the mould in my bedroom( 2 windows at each side of room but only one opens)for over 2 months now. can anyone give me any advice on what to do next? Do I have a leg to stand on regarding compensation? Thanks for your help


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