A ruined ceiling and damaged property

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    A ruined ceiling and damaged property

    Apologies if this site is for landlords only (I came across it while googling).

    I'm a tenant in a property. I have no contract. I pay my rent to another tenant (who collects all the rent) and then pays the landlord. I've been ni the property a little over a year

    The roof in my room started leaking and after 6 MONTHS of having a dripping ceiling, the landlord came around today to resolve the problem. I now have a huge hole in my roof, fibreglass over everything I own, including the bed and a very draughty room.

    He's apparently coming back tomorrow to fix the ceiling (again, himself) - And I can picture everything I won being covered in plaster too.

    Call em stupid, but I assumed whoever was going to do the work would lay down sheeting/etc... to protect my property.

    If anything gets damaged (ie covered in plaster/paint/etc...) do I have any recourse?

    Again, apologies if this is not the correc tplace to post, but having read some threads, a lot of the members here seem quite knowledgeable.

    Many thanks in advance.

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