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  • no heating no hot water!

    yet another problem with my new property im renting! the gas boiler has been condemned. I have already moved into the property by 3 days before a gas engineer came out to check the gas boiler before signing off a gas safety certificate. However, he immediately condemned the gas boiler and so now i am left with no hot water or heating (there are no fires, only heating came from the central heated radiators) how long is the usual reccommended time to go without these facilities, any advice on this situation on this problem would be greatly appreciated, thankyou

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    I'd be sorting this asap. No heating and hot water, tell them if it isn't fixed in 7 days then you will be getting quotes, having the work done and taking the cost out of the rent (or billing the agent/landlord). If you have to get electric heaters to tide you over, then bill them for that too.


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      landlords been in contact tonight and quoted 3 weeks, ive asked for a reduction in the rent and he said he'd get back to me. what can i do?


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        Try finding someone to do the work a lot sooner and remind the landlord that you want the work completed as soon as possible.

        Talk of rent reductions does not get you a fix any faster. Have you asked for temporary heating in the form of fan heaters or something? Surely all you want is heating and hot water. Stay focussed.


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          You could consider if you really want to stay here; the Landlord has done plenty wrong; especially not having a safety certificate before you move in...he has broken the law; you can use this to your advantage and negotiate with him tofor you to leave early without penalty. Potentially the law is on your side, but if he is not willing, you may end up in court. But thats not the end of the world.

          Contact the tenancy relations officer of the Local Authority, or Trading Standards. They will inspect your home and deal with the LL for you.
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