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    Originally posted by bureaucrazy View Post

    Surely they violate the human right to a fair trial (article 6) if your ability to access credit can be ruined by a credit referencing agency without any hearing in a recognised court?
    Anyone got an opinion on extrajudicial penalties?


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      Experian are hoping to launch in April.
      Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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        Ah, Experian, the people who bombarded me with illegal spam into
        my internet email inbox.
        They took no notice of the anti-spam laws :
        Europe anti-spam laws enacted Feb 2004.

        So don't hold out much hope of them getting the facts right.

        Experian only record data, and for a fee, pass on to you.
        They are not an investigation agency, so again, don't expect them
        to write to tenants and landlords, as that is not Experians function.

        Due to their spamming, I would never give them any money, and are
        on my black list of spammers, ( never to puchase from spammers )


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