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    Dear friends

    My concern is about a property deposit. Specifically i was a T and i asked to end a tenancy agreement earlier and the LA and the L have accepted this but they have not told me for any fees for ending the tenancy earlier, However, i returned the keys and the property was in excellent condition. Now 1 month later the landlord is refusing to return the deposit, for covering his loss and for breach of contract as he stating. Please note that there was no any clause stating for any fees for ending the tenancy earlier or breach of contract. And neither the LA or the L have informed when i asked for ending the tenancy for any fees that i have to pay. Does he have the right to do so? Thanks in advance

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    How did the agent and LL 'accept' your early surrender of the tenancy? What did they say/write, and do? Please describe each step along the way, starting from you asking to end the tenancy.

    Did you/LL sign a deed of surrender?

    Has the LL re-let the property since you moved out?


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      Thanks a lot friend for your response.
      At first i am a student and due to money difficulties i have to end the property and move in,a shared accommodation. Further, firstly i have send 3 months before the end of the tenancy to the letting agent an email and a formal letter asking for ending earlier the tenancy agreement for reasons beyond my control. The next day the letting agent has respond to me saying that is confirming my request and has informed the landlord for that, and they are going to proceed with the procedure of check out only this. Further, the have send me a letter - notice a request to vacate the property, and last a letter for the check out date, for the day moving out, cleaning etc. At the end of the checkout, the letting agent has orally informed me that the landlord is going to keep the deposit if he do not find a tenant soon, proposal which i have rejected. 10 days after the ending of the tenancy they have contacted me and asked me to accept the proposal for returning the deposit to the landlord for loss, as i have end the tenancy earlier. Secondly, No the landlord has not re let the property yet.

      Again Thanks a lot in advance, i really appreciate your help


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