ID theft- tenant masquerades as his landlord

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    ID theft- tenant masquerades as his landlord

    Just watched a TV program about a tenant who stole his landlords identity and managed to get a £200k loan cheque from a BS on the landlords property.

    The tenant studied the Land Registry docs (available to anyone for a £2 fee) and realised there was no mortgage on the property. He then pretended to be the landlord on three attempts to get a loan on the property - he struck lucky on this third attempt.

    All this time the landlord was absent overseas.

    Police did not want to investigate this - as they were already inundated with identity theft cases!

    It's unfortunately nothing new and most posters on here have come across similar circumstances.
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      So in addition to getting tax relief for the mortgage interest the landlord also get free protection against this type of identity theft. Wonderful value
      Vic - wicked landlord
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        1. LR fee is now £3, so reported case must be over 7 months ago.
        2. Proprietor is not bound by forger's acts or forged deeds. He can have wrongful entries removed from Register, and innocent mortgagee/lender receives full indemnity from HMLR- this would also apply to innocent purchaser from forger- but...
        3. If solicitor did not carry out ID checks or was otherwise negligent, HMLR has right to recover all losses caused by him/her.
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          This issue was advertised in the papers about one year ago! A guy managed to get a mortagage with GMAC... not the best mortgage company around! (also not the worst!) As said the guy tried three times to get the mortgage.

          anyone who has rented the home they lived in should ensure that all documents that can be used to gain a fraudulent ID should be removed and ensure that a Mail redirection remains in place for at least 1 year!

          If I remember right the person had left a birth certificate in the loft of the property!
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            I didn't see the program. Here's a report on a similar (if not the same) scam that the OP may have been referring to.


            The final paragraph of the following link explains how CIFAS registration may have prevented it.



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