Neighbour has loud late parties and tampers with post

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    Neighbour has loud late parties and tampers with post

    Last Friday(10 days ago) my downstairs neighbours had an all night party till like 8am Saturday morning, I complained to landlord and they apologised to them, but not us, I then found my wheelie bin packed up to top with wine bottles and empty pizza boxes so I told landlord this too.

    Landlord said tenant said it was her birthday and it wont happen again.

    Well Friday night arrives again, and again blaring loud music, which makes the floor shake, and me and flatmate unable to sleep, not as loud as last week, but still loud enough.

    And again on Saturday night though only till around 2am.

    Second problem

    My old flat with same agency was due some important letters to arrive, none have.

    I am waiting for a ID card costing £25, a new bank card, a bank statement, a pin number, and my friend some family letters and bank statements, as well as 2 DVDS. as well as a £100 postal order

    Nothing has arrived, and Im suspicious as new tenant is permanently spaced out like someone on drugs, as landlord phoned him up one time, and said was it ok for me to come round, he said yes so I came, and it sounded like he was "Monged out" as I dont know what else to call it, he mumbled and slurred his speech and wouldnt open door, and even though he told landlord some letters were there, he then refused to give me any saying he wasnt my postal service.

    The thing is the postal order was sent recorded delivery, so im suspicious.

    What can I do?


    Why don't you have a friendly chat with your neighbour - just explain that you can actually hear the music and that it is loud. Sometimes getting to know someone can help.

    As for your post, ask the postoffice to forward it on to your new address. Give the new tenant a large envelope to put all your post into and collect in a week. Failing that some sticky labels to redirect your post.


      Speak to the police if you think someone is interfering with your mail.

      Get the RD number off the person who sent it, and then go to - enter the number into the tracking slot onthe right hand side and see if there is a scanned signature for it. If there is, and it aint yours, then you have got some evidence to show the police as above.


        Why didn't you have an all-day party the next morning, when SHE was tryign to sleep?

        No hang on, why didn't you call the council, and complain about the noise nuisance?
        Why contact the landlord, who's only interested in collecting rent on time, unless the landlord is the neighbour's mum?

        Davidjohnbutton has some good advice. Actually it's what common sense would tell you to do.
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          Well I would of phoned council, but I dont have a phone at my new flat so couldnt, and as the stairs were full of drunk people often getting into fights I didnt want to risk leaving house.

          And I know about the RM track and trace, I havent got the tracking number yet though, and I have already been to police who refuse to help without proof.

          So yes I did all that before I posted here, so I have common sense.


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