Joint letting; effect of occupant changeover

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    So perhaps it's they who need legal advice now?
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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      Originally posted by Jimmyx View Post
      Thanks for the help again everyone, think I know the way forward now.

      1. Get the address of the Landlord, to let him/her know exactly whats going on and whos at fault.

      2. Gather all my correspondance, and get a defence put together

      3. Seek Legal advice, would Citizens advice be the best place to start?

      4. See what the judge has to say, is it likely that I'm going to have have to pay court costs?

      We will let you all know the outcome.

      I'm still shocked that there is no type of official regulator for these agents! Its not as if they are a small company either, probably one of the biggest in East Anglia.

      They actually told me that the lettings Managing Director had left the company, formed his own one, taken all the staff with him and wiped the records off the computer!.

      I wouldn't ever go near these again, (not that I've got much chance as I'm now going to find myself blacklisted).
      (1) If this was a large company, then you want to get in touch with the headquarters. It sounds as if the office you were dealing with was an independently owned franchise type business. Most of the national firms work as franchises. The people who finance and provide operational support to the franchise are ultimately responsible.


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