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    Access to lodger's room

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    Hi, I have a related question but one that does not concern tenancy but in fact a lodger.

    I have taken in a lodger with whom I had a written agreement till end of 2012. We decide in December to extend the contract verbally.

    1. The agreement explicitly prohibits exclusive possession of the room by the lodger
    2. The lodger has always been given a polite notice when the room had to be accessed
    3. We had a fall out in jan and the lodger wants to leave the flat by the end of the month (which is fine by me despite less than 1 month notice)
    4. The lodger refuses to let me know in advance (2-3 days) when she will be in her room so I can (a) Fit curtain rails (b) Have prospective tenants view the room
    5. Lodger threatens using legal language that the lodger has not explicitly given me the consent to enter the room and doing so will be an invasion of privacy.

    I find point 5 laughable because the lodger clearly does not have an exclusive possession of the room, but I've been kind out of a sense of pacification (since the relationship is not pleasant at the moment).

    My questions:
    1. Am I right in my understanding that I can show the room to any prospective tenants without lodger's explicit consent?
    2. Does verbal extension of agreement affect my position?
    3. Will an entry tantamount to invasion of privacy? I've clearly emailed the lodger the date and time for visit
    4. Is there anything else I need to consider?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. No
    4. No

    Lodgers have no rights, etc etc. Do what you want.

    I don't think it's right that people who are paying good money get so little protection, but the law is what it is. You can go in there if you want.


      But bear in mind that if you go in against the lodger's wishes, you leave yourself vulnerable to false accusations of theft, etc. If L is present during viewing, he or she might be rude about you to prospective Ls - best avoided.

      I would wait until he moves out then go in, make any changes and show people round. Much less stressful,
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        I agree with mind the gap.


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