Noise complaints from neighbours

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    You don't have much to do with this. Yet.

    if the coucil or noise abatement or whoever finds that your tenant is making a nuisance fo himself, then you can act.

    Otherwise there's no point in contacting you.

    Unless you're the musician's mum?

    But it's a good idea to send them both a letter detailign who to contact in case of noise, and that continued noise would lead to legal proceedings that can be started up. They can see you sent the same letter to both of them, and that you have no interest in this one way or another. if the someone is disturbed, they can get noise control to sort it out.

    It will be seen as you 'doing something' about the noise by the neighbour, and as you 'doing something' by the tenant.


    Let them sort it out.


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