Renting to a couple with kids

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  • Renting to a couple with kids

    Hi, Guys,

    My agent has found me some tenants for my flat, they are a couple with an 11yr old child. Both are in full time employment. Are there any disadvantages in renting to a family with a child?? Apologies for the off-key question as this is my first go at letting a property.

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    Personally, Bing, I find that children can be an advantage if you are looking for long term letting. Once they've settled into a school, parents may not want to move out for quite some time!


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      tenants more likely to be reliable with rent too, roof over childrens' heads and all that. also 11 year olds are way past the scribbling on walls and jam butty on carpet stage too.


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        Probably, for reasons stated above, the best type of tenants you can get.

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