Worried About Our Ceiling Collapsing

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    Worried About Our Ceiling Collapsing

    Hi There, i really hope i am posting this is the right place.
    We are in a ground floor flat, which is a 3 story building block, which was built in the 1960s by the council, i have been in the flat for about 11 years now, so i know every noise that i hear,
    but just lately since around xmas i have been hearing a very weird cracklin noise coming from our ceiling which i never ever heard before, it took me a couple of weeks to figure out where it was coming from, at first the noise was fairly low, but now when i hear it it can be quite loud at times, enough that my little 2 year old heard it, and last night, i jumped out of my sofa, because i was that worried about the noise, we have inspected the ceiling and there is a crack that goes right accross the ceiling and goes about 6 inches down the wall to the top of the door, and in the hall when i opened the door there is a crack on the ceiling which goes down the wall too, the same 6inches, to the top of the door, i am not sure how long the cracks have been there, i know my hubby painted over the cracks last time we decorated but they seem to have come through again, wuite a bit
    after hearing the strange crackling noise i did call the landlord and he came to see the crack, and i didnt feel any better, because he said that he would be more worried if the crack was down the wall, (well erm there is a crack there) and he thought it could be laminate flooring, but its not that because i would rec that sound, also the noise can happen at any time, even when its all quiet at night or during the day, the noise can happen a few times a day, but with the tv on and kids making a noise it might be happening more often, but we probably dont notice it.
    the landlord did say to keep listening and if i am worried again to call him,

    can anyone please give me any advice what i signs i should be looking out for in the flat, and what the noises should sound like? i do worry about the safety of my family, i have looked around the internet but the stuff i have found is mostly for houses, so the ceiling is made different, ours is concrete with steal beams or something like that
    i would appreciate any help anyone could give me, and i really want to thank you for reading this post


    Is the council still the freeholder? Maybe you could phone them tomorrow?


      Have you written to your landlord reporting these problems? If not, do so, keep copy.

      Is landlord council or private landlord?
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        Evening and welcome to the forum,

        Can you take photos and post them online?


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