Warrant for Possession granted by court- What if Tenant refuses to budge?

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    Originally posted by kimco View Post
    just joined forum and interested to see so many people have problems! I genuinely thought it was just me. I have received my bailiff date for feb 7th today in the post. I am so fed up as my tennant hasnt been seen since November. I have gone through legalities but my property now stands empty, no electricity or water. The tennant has left a few pieces of furniture a defrosted open fridge freezer full of rank and decaying food and several half cups of coffee with green mould growing on them. Neighbours either side, who by the way are members of the police force report not seeing tennant in weeks. She has passed on her key to her grandson who uses the house to indulge drug taking with friends.We have contacted the police to be told its a civil issue. We do not know where our tennant has gone and to be honest she has rarely stayed in the property since last August. We have had no rent in months and her grandson refuses to give us the key. I am disgusted with the attitude of the court as I have tried to tell them my concerns for my property. Once I get my property back I will not be rerenting it and wish I never had! When something like this happens it feels like everybody is against you and amazingly you have no rights.
    Do you not have your own key?
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      It is my experience that rent debt is a walk in the park!

      If your eviction was a section 8 you should have asked the judge to include in his order an order to the DPS to release the funds to you. A call to the court may get this added but technically such an application is on form n244 with an £80 fee .

      If it was section 21 then you submit a claim, which may go to arbitration but you have a contract showing what rent is due and the adjudicator will require proof from the tenant that they have paid that. What they haven't paid should be awarded.


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