Forgot to register deposite; now want to evict notice

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  • Snorkerz
    Is your tenant behind on their rent at all? If so, you could commence court procedings within a fortnight of giving the correct notice - but you shold take advise over the likelyhood of success.

    Unfortunately, the answer to your question 4 is that your tenant could pursue you trough the courts for the civil penalty under section 214 whether you return the deposit or not. As the penalty is variable at the judges discretion it would seem to make sense to return ASAP to show that you are not deliberately abusing the system.

    The advice I give on this forum is for general information only. You are advised to seek specialist advice. I can provide such help on many tenancy matters including eviction, call 0800 270 7747 for details

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  • MSaxp
    A notice is not an eviction notice. It is a notice that you will be applying to the courts for possession. You cannot 'evict', you can only apply to the courts for that. Which means that they will have to vacate by a date set by the court, if all your paperwork is correct.

    The notice you serve (a section 21 notice) will need to give the tenants at least 2 months notice after which you will be applying for possession.

    Did the last agreed fixed term expire on the 31st of December and is the rent due monthly? if so, the tenancy is now periodic from the 1st of January and you can serve a notice to expire 'after the 31st of March'. Be 100% sure on the dates, as your application will fail if they are incorrect

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  • londoner007
    ok I will return it today via BACS online.

    Question 2, in light of the information in my post above, when should I service the eviction notice & what date would they have to vacate by? i.e. what is the minimum notice period?

    As I havent renewed the tenancy agreement which expired on 31st December, I presume we are now in a periodic monthly tenancy?


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  • Claymore
    Yes, too late now and you can't issue an S21 until you have returned the deposit. Make sure you get a receipt which is signed and dated to prove you have returned it.

    I've used - they are really good and not expensive. I think they advertise on this site.

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  • JK0
    Too late now mate. Just return it.

    edit: There are some interesting views here that persuaded me to keep on my nuisance tenant:

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  • Forgot to register deposite; now want to evict notice

    Dear folks,

    I let my 3-bed house on an AST on 1st June 2012 for a 6-month period. The tenant has been paying rent on time but the house is in a miserable state. Moreover, having visited the property & been appalled by the state I found it, the tenant is now not responding to letters & is avoiding another property inspection.

    I have now given up on him as he is extremely discourteous and sooner or later I have a feeling its going to get nasty. I therefore think its prudent to proceed with eviction.

    However, I am a first time landlord & I wasn't aware of the rental deposit scheme laws. I know ignorance of the law is not an excuse & so I really dont know how how to proceed from here on.

    I would like to issue an eviction notice but having read some of the posts on the forum & having researched the net, it says eviction notice will be null & void in the absence of the deposit not having been registered.

    I have refused to issue another 6 month tenancy agreement so I guess we have a periodic monthly roll over contract now? My questions are:

    1. is it too late to register the deposit?
    2. when should I deposit it & whom with?
    3. after depositing it, how long should I wait for before issuing an eviction notice?
    4. when I register it 6-month late, will I be subjected to x3 penalty clause if pursued by tenant?
    5. if so, is there a way around it? (or should I just return the deposit?)
    6. how long is an eviction notice period? so if I were to serve it on 1st February, when would I have to ask them to evic the house by?
    7. are there any lawyers out here who can assist me on a paid-basis?


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    by Hudson01
    I am very sorry to hear about the issue, i can add little more to what has already been said above, I am one of those lanldords spoken about in terms of about to sell up........ all that has been pointed out as to why we are all leaving is totally true, it has simply become too much hassle and with...
    16-05-2022, 20:53 PM
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    by Confused2022

    I an trying to get as much information and advice for someone whom is very vulnerable and has many health problems.

    The issue is they have lived at a property which they’ve rented now for 2 years just over, never missed a rental payment and never had any issues,...
    15-05-2022, 15:45 PM
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    by Hudson01
    I agree with one of the other posts, Company A should have sorted the whole job, it sounds like a 10 mins job with maybe a collar for the pipework being tightened up and then some basthroom sealant are right.......... just under a ' monkey'' (Arthur Daley speak) for what is a simple pipe...
    16-05-2022, 18:46 PM
  • Invoice for work - am I being unreasonable?
    by Laurasplog
    We have a London flat managed by an agent (full management service).

    My husband and I were abroad, and got a call from the council saying the property was leaking sewage into the flat below. We contacted our agent immediately who sent someone around the same day (Company A).

    16-05-2022, 12:58 PM
  • Reply to Invoice for work - am I being unreasonable?
    by theartfullodger
    What does your agreement (or terms & conditions sent) with this say about such queries, please? I'd start there first & then probably their complaints process (if they have one)

    Is this the lettings agent on the block (of flats) management agent please?

    I humbly note...
    16-05-2022, 16:15 PM
  • Reply to Invoice for work - am I being unreasonable?
    by Laurasplog
    The pipework was found to be sound. I think Company A were there as an emergency "see if it's sewage and shut off the water if necessary". They said it was a pipework problem and a sealant problem. Company B carried out a full audit on the pipes and found it was only a sealant problem....
    16-05-2022, 14:59 PM
  • Reply to Invoice for work - am I being unreasonable?
    by Laurasplog
    The letting agent engaged all of them. We gave them an instruction to fix whatever the problem was after the notification from the council there was a problem - we pay for a full management service.

    I doubt the agency will give us money back because they've paid it out directly to the contractor,...
    16-05-2022, 14:58 PM
  • Reply to Buying a tenanted residential property
    by theartfullodger
    In November 1979 BoE base rate hit 17% under Thatcher's government. My building society was kind by only raising their rates to 15%.....

    IMHO rates will continue to rise. Sorry.

    What you are proposing would breach your mortgage terms and possibly result in place being repo'd....
    16-05-2022, 14:30 PM