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    Originally posted by jjlandlord View Post
    Still playing devil's advocate:
    I don't think that an email using exclusively the conditional, including for the expiry date, is a clear indication that notice is being given.
    Similarly the agent's reply (cunningly) also uses the conditional when stating another expiry date, so one imho reasonable rephrasing of their email could be "if you were to serve notice now the expiry would be 19th Jan." I.e. they replied to OP's enquiry regarding service of notice according to contract but did not accept any notice.

    A bit late now, but imho OP should have followed up on the agent's reply to essentially say "OK, so I am giving 4 month notice to end the tenancy on 19th Jan."
    Everything suddenly becomes clear with a date already accepted by agent.
    Agreed that it could have been a bit clearer but I'm sure any reasonable person would take that as giving notice. Sounds like they're just being sneaky to me.


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