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    section 8 answers please


    Just thought i'd ran these answers by the experts at LL!

    Are these suitable answers? I rarely do these evictions, but there is still several months prior to the end of the tenancy, so i cant evict via the s21 route at the moment.

    Feel free to recommend alternative answers if you wish.

    Thank you in advance! Happy New Year to you all too, you've been very helpful this year might i add, much appreciated!

    4. Give a full explanation of why each ground is being relied on:
    Ground 8
    Rent is payable every month, at the rate of £900 every month. There are arrears of £2100 at the date of this notice being over 2 months in arrears.

    Ground 10
    There are arrears of rent of £2149 at the date of this notice.

    Ground 11
    The tenant hasn’t paid any rent from his wage towards his arrears. Housing benefit covers part of the rent, but he works and earns a good amount of wage and he has refused to cover any of the arrears from this wage.

    I would think your 8 & 10 are fine.

    In my professional capacity, I would put much more detail in 11 (indeed it would be by far the biggest explanation because each payment due is different) however, as I guess you are not expecting to have to rely on 11, maybe what you have put is okay too.


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