Can i claim for parking from estate agent/landlord

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    Can i claim for parking from estate agent/landlord

    I moved in to my current property in Nov 2011.

    When it was advertised, it was advertised as having 2 parking spaces,
    but only when we moved in did we discover that it only had one parking
    space, due to building still going on in the new development our second space
    would only become available when the building work was complete, which
    would turn out to be a year later.

    I have 2 cars, both mine and my husbands car. It caused us a lot of hassle
    with neighbours, as we would sometimes park in there space as they didn’t have
    a car, but they still didn’t want us parking there, so my husband parked outside the
    development on a public road for almost a year.

    So my question is, I feel we were mislead by the estate agent and due to the
    lack of the additional parking we've had countless run-ins with the neighbours.
    So are we within our rights to ask for compensation from the letting agent/landlord
    for the lack of the 2nd space? Obviously they included the parking spaces in the
    monthly rental price of £1100.

    Any comments would really be helpful as I really don’t know what to do, I’m very frustrated that it was not mentioned the parking space was only available once the development was completed, we are also moving out next month.


    Forget about it and move on.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      No thats easy for you to say, iv had to call the police a number of times due to this parking issue. Why should i not claim money back for something that was falsely advertised and i was paying for, for a whole year!


        Maybe they thrown the extra parking space in free.
        Hopefully other members have some information to help you fight for some compo.
        Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


          Are both parking spaces mentioned in the letting agreement? And furthermore are you allocated specific spaces or just for instance 2 spaces in carpark X?

          If allocated specific spaces then your landlord must provide them or compensate you for there loss - he/she is in breach of contract. However if not specific then you probably won't be able to hold the landlord to account. In any case now the loss in is the past, you would really need to show an actual loss (like paying for parking) or quite a bit of distress to bother going to court.

          If not in the agreement then you are on shaky ground. The letting brochure/ad would have to have somehow formed part of the letting agreement, this could stand if the agent told you you had the specific car parks and you only signed because of this (hard to prove).

          In other words, unless specifically in the agreement it is unlikely to be worth pursuing - just check your next letting contract carefully.
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