Probably wrong, but questions about my agency

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  • Probably wrong, but questions about my agency

    I moved flats last week due to a friend needing accomidation and him sleeping on my floor for a month, we got a flat together.

    Anyway it was on the 4th floor with no lift, so I left a 4 week old microwave and a 6 week old heater at my flat worth about £50 in total.

    When I moved out I was £3.75 in debt in the card electric/gas meter which I dont mind paying.

    But no one moved into the old flat till today so landlord said when they put credit on this morning it was about £7 in arrears, and I dont see why I should pay the extra £4.25 if the landlord(well agency) didnt do a meter reading when I moved as they are supposed to.

    Plus I find it cheeky as I left them a new microwave and heater as I said which come to more than £7!

    I heard they also put those things under the inventory for the new tenant, so I asked for them back as the ones in new house are rusty(which I didnt know) and the agency says no as they belong to them now.

    I dont mind leaving them if they wipe that few quid off bill.

    But also the previous tenants left new flat a tip, tissues everywhere, ST's everywhere, fire alarm ripped from wall, toilet full of **** marks in shower etc.

    And a damp bed.

    I spent a few hours cleaning this which the agency said they would take £50 off my rent bill for me doing this, they havent.

    My question being, am I just being a bit greedy by expecting the £7 to be wiped after me leaving brand new microwave and heater!

    And spending 2 hours cleaning the new flat!

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    O M G !

    Sounds like you have found yourself another professional landlord there. How did you get yourself into that position?


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      This old thread shows that a landlord has a duty to store the tenants 'abandoned' goods for 90days, unless your agreement states otherwise.

      So by keeping them and claiming them as their own, I would suggest this could be theft !
      In that case you could contact the police in order to retrieve the items, or suggest the agents/LL bargain with you to cancel your debt.
      All posts in good faith, but do not rely on them

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        Also forgot to mention other parts of the story, the old tenant from the new place tried to enter property after we moved in as she had keys demanding her iron and sofa, I said no as we lived there and convinced her to hand back keys to me.

        Shes 2 months in arrears with landlord, and even took lightbulbs from house(out of sockets) all the pots pans plates cutlery, the landlords tv etc, so she has a cheek asking.

        The landlord has said they have come to an agreement with the old tenant and if they come round to let them in to collect sofa, but Im not happy as this wasnt agreed with me plus I dont want a stranger in my house, not when i have a HD tv and a XBOX360 there that they could steal.


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          Not withstanding the unfortunate entanglement between the previous tenant and landlord over the sofa, a less kind interpretation is that the tenant should accept more responsibility and allocate less blame to other parties

          - If a lift is important, then have it as part of your accommodation criteria - why view and accept accommodation on a high floor then moan about access?

          - why does the tenant think dumping unwanted goods at a previous property benefits the landlord and should be taken in lieu of a utility bill payment? A landlord will then be obliged to spend time and/or money dumping them and/or time or money maintaining them going forward.

          She seems to have offered them in payment of the bill and then decided she then wanted them back. She wants her old belongings back from the previous flat but doesn't see why the previous tenant of her current flat can have hers back - mixed messages there.

          - why didn't the tenant take their own meter reading and pay the debt before being chased for it?

          - why did the tenant agree to move in when the new flat was in a bad state?

          - why does the tenant expect the landlord to be a branch of social services for her homeless friend. many landlords take great exception to tenants subletting their properties to their friends and seek to repossess the properties but in this case the agency seems to have been happy with the arrangement and chosen to formalise it by providing bigger accommodation.

          There are definate indicators that the management of the properties have been poor but I don't think the tenant sounds particularly ideal either.


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            First off im a he lol

            Second of all I made no money from my friend sleeping on the floor, and I gained landlords permission to do so, also I made the effort to find the new flat, I phoned landlord, asked if they had any 2 bedroom flats, asked to view it etc.

            And I ALWAYS pay rent on time, so im hardly a bad tenant, only time I was in arrears was when I was signing on, but even then I got it paid direct to landlord.

            Also the flat was in good condition when I viewed it, it looks like the previous tenant had a party the night before and didnt tidy up.

            The tenant of the flat I moved into wanted the sofa back in the property after they moved out.

            And I think a brand new microwave worth £35 and a heater worth £15-£20 both unused are a good trade for £3.75 of electric!

            And yes I did tell the landlord the amount left in meter when I moved out, but they said they had to check it first.

            And as for the moving, it was just me packing up a van(as I dont have a liscence) and my friends dad driving it, and not bothered to pack our stuff, so 1 person packing took me an hour or so to achive!

            I also spent about 3 hours brushing and hoovering floor, cleaning fridge, polishing furniture, wiping each mark(not that there were any bad ones) away, even shampoo'd each carpet in house despite them being clean!


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