Flat interim maintenance charges gone up

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  • leaseholdanswers
    Charges are reviewed each year and may have gone up for number of reasons ask them to send you a copy of the budget on which the interim charges are based, to explain the increase.

    You are entitled to withhold charges unless they have invoiced them to you with the summary of rights and the name and address of the landlord.http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums...alid-%E2%80%9D

    As you are posting in residential lettings are u renting your flat to a tenants - if so the agent or building landlord should have your address. If you haven't given it to them, then the likely explanation is sitting in your flat with your tenant.

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  • yvo218
    started a topic Flat interim maintenance charges gone up

    Flat interim maintenance charges gone up

    Hi, Please somebody give advice regarding this matter;-
    I bought new flat this year.When I rung today to pay my maintenance charge they told me charge £60 gone up.Also I have not received any conformation charges going up. I just like to know, do they can put charges up without let me know or I will refuse to pay the charges.

    I would be grateful for your advice.Thanks

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