Electric Gates, garage remotes and reasonable entry

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    Electric Gates, garage remotes and reasonable entry

    The only access to the property is via electric gates. This leads onto hard standing with room for 4 cars and a double garage with 2 doors.

    There is a metal 'stopper' in the ground at the center of the gates. the gates do not close or operate properly if this is not in place.

    The stopper is bent and raises out of the ground. It was assured to us that this would be fixed prior to our tenancy but it wasnt.

    No cars (of standard suspension too) can get over the stopper. If the stopper is not there, then the gates do not work right.

    There are 3 adults normally in the house (even though one is 17yrs so not on tenancy). There were 2 gate remotes and one garage remote supplied. While I am at it, there was only ONE house key but at least that can be duplicated easily so hey ho

    The gate stopper has to be left out rendering the gates being a nuisance. If one is at home without a gate fob, the autoclosing gates mean you cant get a car out and the only way to get off the land is to have the stopper out and basically force the gates open to maximum of about 8" gap to squeeze your person through.

    The place is just inaccessible and I dont want to cause any damage to the electronic entry.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of what I can rightfully ask to be done about this? It's just not 'right'.

    I AGAIN (see my toilet block thread) will probably have to fork out more funds to get this livable. I hope remotes and coding them is cheap, but then there is not being able to get on my own drive with the car aswell.

    I had spinal surgery earlier in the year ... bending down to force a spike/stopper in and out of the ground 20 times a day is not only ridiculous but dangerous for me.


    Could you just open the gates, then shut off the power so they stay open?
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      I think you have a point that it needs to be repaired.

      But I'm not sure what you're saying about the 17 year old, they aren't an adult, and they're not on the tenancy; why would you expect a remote for them? Even if they were on the tenancy, why would you expect remotes for everyone to be provided?

      And why would you expect multiple sets of keys? If you want multiple remotes and keys you can get as many as you need cut/coded yourself.

      It would be better if you just stuck to the issue of the broken gate instead.


        If I had a fob yes,

        If I could leave the stopper in so they operate properly (without farting about for ages getting the slow things to open right) and had a fob yes.

        But I cannot leave the stopper in. if I do, it will rip off my bumper and the underside of the car.

        Totally defeats the point of the gates and the reason it was rented if they were open all the time too.

        That was in reply to suggestion of leaving gates open We also have a Husky (another reason to want a secure place)... if he saw them open, he would be doing his grand escape as Huskies are well known for!



          You are right in what you say about keys. I was just saying it add to the hell it is getting in and out. I have never had a 2 door garage with only one remote either. It's a 5 big bedroom place so its kind of odd that's all.

          Fixing the gate isnt going to be cheap and this landlord is certainly not interested. Someone suggested to me that the previous tenants may have put concrete down the loo. I do find it extremely odd that they still have a post office redirection in place to here. This wouldnt say they left calm and unlikely had been here a whole year as we are led to believe.
          Quite worried


            I am not a fan of remotely operated electric gates but I would have thought a suitably qualified sparks could re-wire the system to provide a gate button for those wishing to exit, with time-delayed closure, those wishing to enter could use remote fob or access code external fixed keypad for entry; also overide the 'stopper' cut off so it can be lowered/removed to prevent vehicle damage.
            His & Her garage fobs could be provided by OP
            Who pays for gate re-wiring? I suggest 50:50 L:T as both will benefit, T now, LL when letting in future. Though gates are part of property ext security (LL).
            Just my suggested resolution.


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